A Blank Page

I love to write - life's greatest thrill
Is having a blank page before me,
Anticipating the pleasure of seeing it filled
With my thoughts and meditations.

I love to browse among stationery shelves,
Looking at notebooks, scratch pads, scribblers,
Anything that says "Please write on me".
Thus I acquire quite a store
Of books, pads and paper
Of all sizes and colours, some filled,
Some empty, some started, never finished.

It may be years later
When I re-read and glow again
As the words spring to life once more
From that page, long forgotten.

Strange thing is, I can never re-write anything,
If I happen to lose the original
Or the text on the computer.
Also, I can pick up old copies
And the words appear as fresh
As if I had never seen them before.
All this tells me
That the thoughts must be inspired,
Given to me for that time
And for a specific purpose.

I have always scribbled
But for most of my life
They were hidden away
As my little secret.
But I became aware
Of a driving force which told me
If they had been a blessing to me,
They perhaps could help another soul.
Therefore, I now make some of them available
To others in the hope they will enjoy
And be encouraged.

Thoughts can be volatile and fleeting,
And if not captured in written form
Could be gone forever.
And who but the writer may ever see them?
But the joy of creation
Is everlasting!

Honoria A. Groves