A Channel of Your Grace

I want to be a channel, Lord,
A channel of Your Grace,
And so I come before You now
To humbly seek Your Face,
Praying for Your blessing
In a sanctifying shower
To cleanse and purify me
By Your Holy Spirit's power.

Remove the things that hinder,
The dirt and the debris,
The things that may keep others
From seeing You in me.
It is not me they need, Lord,
You are the One they need,
You satisfy the thirst
And hungry hearts You feed.

But only unclogged channels
Can serve to irrigate
The dry parched earth around us,
Which longingly does wait
For blessed drops of moisture
To saturate the earth
And stimulate the dormant seed
And bring new life to birth.

With Your Spirit, Lord, now fill me
Until I overflow.
So, cleansed and filled, to others
I then may gladly go,
To be a channel only
For You to pass on through
So others may be touched, Lord,
And come to know You too.

Honoria A. Groves