A Glorious Morning

It was a glorious morning
When Jesus Christ arose,
For He came forth triumphant,
Victorious o'er His foes.
Now fear and sin and dying
Are conquered by His Power,
And He lives in His people
To keep them every hour.

There is a glorious morning
At the end of life's dark night;
A victorious culmination
To a hard-won, earthly fight.
There is a restful harbour
When life's rough voyage is done,
And a gleaming crown of glory
For those who race is won.

There is a brand-new body
For those who suffered here,
All pain and limitations
Will simply disappear.
And in the special dwelling
Jesus promised to prepare,
The fruits of His salvation
With Him we there shall share.

These are not empty promises;
They're grounded in God's Word,
For the pathway set before us
Has been traveled by our Lord,
And if we seek His presence,
He'll go with us all the way
To the wonderful beginning
Of a bright, eternal Day!

Honoria A. Groves

23 February, 1990