All I Have to Do is Ask

Lord Jesus, You are teaching me,
Each soul need shall be supplied;
As promised in your precious Word
All things You can provide.
Unlimited resources
Are at Your Divine command
And a Father's greatest pleasure
Is to give with open hand.

O Lord, enlarge my vision -
I have sought Your help before.
You have saved and You have blessed me,
Many times from your great store.
I need more faith, Lord Jesus,
To prove Your Power so vast,
Now help me understand that
All I have to do is ask!

O Lord You are My Shepherd,
No good thing will You deny
Your ear is always open
Just waiting for my cry,
To shower Heaven's blessings
Is Your Gracious, loving task.
To receive them O my Saviour,
All I have to do is ask.

So many mighty promises
Are set forth in Your Word.
If I believe them, Father,
I should know Your Will, dear Lord,
But there are many questions
My mind and heart would ask,
That only You can answer,
All I have to do is ask.

I praise You, Heavenly Father,
For all that You have done,
And for the many new things
That You have just begun
I want to keep on learning,
Till I reach Heaven at last,
Where You'll be praised for ever
And I shall not need to ask.

Honoria A. Groves