I feel more alone just now than I have ever been.
The parting of bereavement caused pain so deep and keen!
Friends and loved ones falter, withdrawing their support;
The children growing older on their own way depart.

I feel so weak and helpless, so very insecure.
When I'm alone completely the pain I can't endure.
A feeling of rejection becomes so very strong;
The compulsion to be needed; the deep need to belong.

I know what I must do now, is find my strength within;
Tap into my own resources and not to despair give in.
I must find an outlet, some way that I can try
To find the desire for living stronger than one to die.

I am going to have a sleep now and then when I awake,
I shall seek another person to whom I then may take
A little bit of pleasure to brighten up their day;
For others without measure find life a lonely way.

Deep down I know, dear Jesus, that You are here with me;
Sometimes I sense Your presence although I cannot see.
I ask You to go with me, and help me not to moan.
Then, with Your loving presence I shall not feel alone!

Honoria A. Groves