An Armful of Love

What joy it is to hold
A warm, soft armful of love!
To feel and hear the gentle
Throbbing of contentment;
To cuddle this furry bundle
Of boundless energy
And placid peace.

To receive an excited welcome
Every time I come in the door.
To stroke the glistening orange fur;
To watch his restless tail;
To feel a velvet paw on my skin;
A wet kiss on my nose;
My neck being nuzzled
By a whiskered face;

To look into those intelligent amber eyes
Which search my face;
And his beautiful, well-marked features
Which follow my every movement.
To watch the telltale ears
Usually standing tall and alert,
But occasionally flattened in anger
When teased too much.
To observe the utter relaxation
Of that vibrant body
Curled into a cocoon of sleep.
Oh, how I love my affectionate
Feline armful of love-

Honoria A. Groves

January, 1995