Lord, I hate to admit it, but I am

I find it hard to see any hope or cheer
anywhere; I feel as though not one
single person in this world either
understands or cares. Even my family seems to
be alienated from me. Is this my
imagination? Am I exaggerating things? Or is
there perhaps a lack of caring on my part
which has really caused a rift?

I can feel no sense of happiness, nor can I
remember EVER feeling happy - this is awful,
such a deadness inside!
Lord, stir up the faith and joy that I used
to enjoy. Create within me a true love for
others, even though a may be hurting. My
head knows the answers, but my heart cannot
feel them just now.

Other people have problems too and I do feel
sorry for them but just now I cannot cope
with my own - much less someone else's.
What is wrong with me?

Have I forgotten how much You love me? When
did I last reflect on Your goodness to me?
You loved me so much that You Gave - Jesus.
Was He loved, understood, comforted, cared
for? Lord, my tears flow now for Your
sufferings - on my behalf. These tears are
the frustration and anguish I have felt.
Thank You, Thank You, Lord.

I have just remembered a sad and lonely
person who does not even know you - I must
tell her how happy you can make people who
are depressed!

By: Honoria (Nora) A. Groves