Are You Ready For Christmas?

Are you ready for Christmas?
Is all your shopping done?
Do you have that special present
For each friend and loved one?

You've driven busy highways,
Sought parking in the Mall;
Then fought your way to counter
And crowded market stall.

You've pawed through piles of garments,
Gaudy gadgets galore,
Some were far too expensive,
So you tried another store.

Then, loaded down with parcels,
You hunted for your car.
"My keys, for goodness sake now,
I wonder where they are!"

Once home, you then remembered
Wrapping paper and bows.
It wasn't on the list because
That's something everyone knows!

You've lugged home bags of groceries;
Baked cookies, cakes and pies.
The Tree is decorated,
A feast for weary eyes.

So many cards were written
And mailed both far and wide.
The endless preparations
We make each Christmas tide!

But are we really ready,
Deep down within our heart,
To welcome the Lord Jesus
And never from Him part?

Let's lay aside the trimmings
And concentrate on Him.
He'll lift our heavy burdens
When He comes to dwell within.

Bring gifts of true repentance,
Each parent, girl and boy,
He'll pour out His forgiveness
And fill us with His Joy.

In quietness we'll worship;
Our Saviour Christ adore.
Then we'll really be ready for Christmas
Both now and evermore!.

Honoria A. Groves

December 23, 1998