As Long As I Live

As long as I live I want to enjoy life
And be thankful; and I will -
If only these joints will stop aching!

I plan to see all I can, new places and old,
The beautiful and the mundane -
If these eyes continue to function!

I hope to enter some new doors,
Walk in a different direction; break new ground -
As long as these feet will carry me!

It is my desire to keep this brain active,
Learn something new, think different thoughts,
Debate ideas -
If the fog will lift long enough!

I want to recall good memories,
Relive past joys, think of long-ago friends
And places I have visited -
If only I can remember them!

These hands will always reach out to help,
To create, cook and bake -
Until arthritis takes complete control!

I will listen to tales of woe, hear the pain of others,
Understand, and empathize -
As long as the batteries last in my hearing aid!

I want to offer words of wisdom,
Comfort or encouragement -
As long as I have breath and these lips still function!

Keeping optimistic is one of my goals,
Seeing positives instead of negatives,
Expressing affirmation rather than criticism -
In spite of the many disappointments of life!

Sometimes I wonder if God has forgotten
To send for me -
Or perhaps there is no room left in Heaven!

But I know this,
That my Heavenly Father will never leave me
But will walk by my side
As Long as I Live!

Honoria A. Groves March 1, 2004