A Spiritual Makeover

Lord, I need a makeover.
I want to be in style - Your style!
I am sick and tired of these shabby,
Ill-fitting, out-of-date garments,
And I am willing to discard them
If You will help me.

Take all those habits
That do not glorify You;
Change the attitudes
That are contrary to Your Word;
Strip me of unholy pride;
Remove those long-held fears;
Show me how I try to control others.
I am willing to give up all my sins.
Cleanse me, Lord.

Then, clothe me
In Your Beautiful Garments of Salvation;
Drape me in the Robe of Righteousness;
Cover me with the Cloak of Your Holiness.
Make me look and feel and act NEW -
Like Jesus!

The change must be more than external.
Sweeten my life with the perfume
Of Your Holy Spirit.
Fill me until it is not the Old Me anymore,
But Christ living in me
Showing forth His Love
And forgiveness to others.
And I will have the joy
And confidence of knowing
That I not only look good,
But am pleasing
To You,
My Designer!

Honoria A. Groves

May 24, 1997