At Jesus' Feet

At Jesus' feet, like Mary,
We can lay our every care.
Our grief and heavy burdens
We can bring and leave them there.

11:33 At Jesus' feet, our weeping
He with compassion sees;
And His hand of forgiveness
Gently lifts us from our knees.

12:3 At Jesus' feet, our offerings,
With fragrance sweet and strong,
Will spread abroad our grateful love
With power that lingers long.

19:25 At Jesus' feet, on Calvary,
His mother watched Him die,
Like her, our hearts in sorrow
With deep repentance cry.

20:16 Like Mary in the Garden
Our Risen Lord we greet;
With overflowing gratitude
Would bow at His dear feet.

20:18 Like Mary, we would witness
That we have seen the Lord!
And spread abroad His message
As found within His Word!

Honoria A. Groves