Authority and Submission of Jesus

(John 10: 17-18)

Although He had all power,
And authority over Life,
Our gentle, loving Lord
Became a voluntary Victim,
Submitting His perfect Body
To indescribable suffering,
Humiliation and abuse,
Until life was extinguished.

Then, exerting His Authority
And power over death,
He rose triumphantly,
Emerging victorious
From the tomb,
A Divine Survivor,
Proving He truly was God!

His reasons for submitting
To the actions of wicked men?
Because He had the Power;
Because it was His Father's plan,
And because He cared enough
To provide salvation
To redeem unrighteous man!

Praise God for the authority of Jesus,
For His willing submission,
And for His matchless Love
Which made it all possible!


Honoria A. Groves

22 April, 2000