Beautiful California

The hills and the mountains
Surrounding our valley
Are shrouded in mist
And hidden by fog,
But as the sun rises
And warmth floods the landscape
Their outline emerges
From out of the smog.

Hills that are shallow
And high peaks that soar,
Canyons of homesteads
House people galore.
Blue sky above us,
With white clouds below
Reveal awesome beauty
That gladdens eyes so.

Tall trees and bushes
So vibrant and green,
Colourful blossoms,
Scorched grass in between.
Gardens and orchards
Planted with care,
Require cultivation
To produce fruit so fair.

Freeways are flooded
With travellers in haste,
Who take no time to linger
This beauty to taste.
But I thank You, Father,
For these sunny skies,
California’s glory -
A feast for these eyes!

Honoria A. Groves


June, 2000