Because I Have Wept

Because I have wept, may someone rejoice;
Because I have heard God's chastening voice,
May some sinner hear salvation's song
And come to the Lord to whom they belong.
Because these eyes with sight have been dim,
I would show the blind the beauty of Him;
Because I have walked in the valley of death,
I must tell Christ is Living, while I have breath.

Because I have had heavy burdens to bear
I can show compassion and God's love share.
Because I have struggled with grief and pain,
I may help troubled souls find peace again.
Because I have suffered, and understand,
Let me offer others a helping hand.
Because my heart has been heavy and sad,
With joy I would make some grieving one glad.

Because I have sinned and been forgiven,
Let me show wanderers the way to heaven.
Because I have faltered when dark days came,
My faith may help doubters to praise God's Name.
Because I have fasted from earthly bread,
May perishing souls return from the dead.
Because I have prayed through a sleepless night,
May one in darkness come to the Light!

Because I have sought and found the Lord,
I can share with others His Precious Word.
Because I cried from the depths of my need,
And proved the Lord a deliverer indeed,
May I reach out an encouraging hand
To help struggling ones firmly to stand.
Oh, may one soul in Christ Jesus be kept
Ever rejoicing - because I have wept!

Honoria A. Groves