Because I'm Human, Lord

I'm only human, Lord, made by You,
According to Your plan,
And although You yourself
Are the basic blueprint
For original man, we all are different;
we do not look, nor act, nor think alike,
For You have made us so.

Just as You, Lord, are Creator,
Saviour and our Judge,
And You are Three in One,
The Father, Jesus Christ Your Son,
And the Holy Spirit, our Comforter,
So we are Body, Soul and Spirit,
Each part having worth,
The spirit indestructible.

Our soul, the seat of thought,
Will and emotion,
Is where our motivation lies,
The source of personality;
And from it springs our actions,
And our feelings.

But with the spirit man believes,
Beyond all reason,
Reaching out into the unknown,
To touch God,
Whose essence is Spirit.
Then, when communion is established
Between God's Spirit and mine,
This should affect the whole of life,
The way I think and feel and act.
But since our human life
Is so bound up with the physical
And mental world,
There are times when circumstances
Cause us to behave
In ways we would not choose,
Or undesired emotions are unleashed -
Nevertheless -
Contact with God we do not lose.

For just as physical disease
And mental illness
Can exist independent of each other,
So our spiritual life endures
On a different and higher plane.

Of course, ideally, my spiritual life
Should be so well integrated
With the rest of me that the peace and joy
God does bestow upon my spirit
Should in my face and actions show

But when times come that my life
Is out of kilter and the balance is disturbed,
And for some known, or unknown reason,
I may feel depressed,
I can only hold on to this one thing,
And to this knowledge I MUST CLING,
That, if no willful sin exists,
Then, God has charge of my immortal spirit,
And though feelings come and feelings go,
He surely once again will bring
The light and life and peace and joy
That cause my heart to sing -


By: Honoria (Nora) A. Groves