Because I'm Old

Because I'm old
Please don't assume I'm stupid.
Although I use a hearing aid
I still can understand,
If you will just take the time.

Because I'm old
Don't feel I am not interested
In your young lives.
I want to know what's happening
And long to hear your hopes and dreams.

Because I'm old
Please do not ignore me
As though I don't exist.
I love you and care deeply
About my family and friends,
And this world in which we live,
Including all life's problems.

I may not be as agile
And I may tire easily,
(Taking unexpected naps),
But this does not mean I'm bored.
I cannot do a lot of things I used to do,
But I still want to help in some way
And need to feel needed.

Although I'm old
I am not pessimistic.
I thank God for every single day.
Each dawn is a gift
And I try to make the most of each hour
For life is still good,
Even though I am old!

Honoria A. Groves