Behold The Lamb

The meek and gentle Son of God
These humble paths of earth once trod,
To teach and heal and to reclaim
All who would call upon His name.
Such pain we cannot understand
Was meted out by human hand
Upon His sinless body fair.
His wounds cry out to all who care-
Behold the Lamb!

His precious blood which flowed so free
Shed on behalf of you and me
Poured from His side, His hands, His feet,
His sacrifice was made complete.
His eyes with grief and sorrow filled
For those whose hatred had him killed.
As our salvation Jesus sought
To God His offering He brought,
Behold the Lamb!

His head was crowned in mockery
With thorns which pierced His brow for me.
On my behalf He was reviled
So my soul could be reconciled;
From God, the separation bore
So He could open Heaven's door.
As grateful tears flow from my eyes,
My heart in deep thanksgiving cries -
Behold the Lamb!

While life on earth is still my lot,
To those who know and love Him not
I would by word and action call -
“Behold the Lamb who died for all.”
Until some day before His throne
With all who have the Saviour known,
In praise and worship I shall share
And with the multitude declare
Behold the Lamb!

Honoria A. Groves