Bon Voyage

This message comes with love,
With thoughts and prayers too,
That God may bless and keep you
Your whole life's journey through.

May He be with you in the air,
And also on the land;
Each step you take, where're you be,
Still guided by His Hand.

His grace be with you as you greet
Your loved ones over there,
His Presence make your joy complete
And keep you in His care.

We'll miss your presence here -
Your happy, carefree way,
The love you have for Jesus,
As you live for Him each day.

I'll think of you each passing day,
And pray that you may be
A blessing to some needy souls
As you have been to me.

May He Whose love no bounds doth know
Keep watching over you,
And bring you safely home again
When travelling days are through.

Just as Redemption's precious Ark
Does keep our souls secure,
His loving care His children keeps
And will eternally endure.

Bon Voyage and God bless you always!

Honoria A. Groves

28 September, 1993