Broken Vessel

My vessel was broken, dear Jesus,
Its loveliness was marred,
But You picked up all the pieces
With hands that were bleeding and scarred.
Your grief-stricken eyes looked at me
With love and tenderness,
For You could see all the blemishes
Of pride and bitterness.

But in Your almighty wisdom,
Dear Lord, You could also see
Not only what my life had become,
But also what I might be.
So I asked you to make me over,
To place me again on the wheel,
To mould me into Your likeness
Regardless of how I might feel.

For you can change beauty for ashes,
You can make all things brand new,
Performing wonderful miracles
When lives are committed to You.
And when the vessel's completed
In wholeness once more to stand,
Only then is it possible
To be used by Your gracious hand.

Complete your plan, dear Potter -
Not only whole would I be,
But a fit and worthy vessel
To be a container for Thee.
Pour out Your Holy Spirit
To fill this life of mine,
So I may pour forth to others
The Water of Life Divine.

Honoria A. Groves