But I'm Human, Lord

I want to be perfect, I want to do right,
I want to look smart and always appear bright,
To have a quick answer to every remark;
To seem confident even when in the dark;
I feel I'm succeeding in some small way,
And feel some approval every day,
But I'm human, Lord!

I want to please others, to make them glad,
Even when I may be feeling quite sad;
I want to be helpful, but not to intrude,
To answer with kindness those who are rude,
to overlook hurts that cut so deep,
To relax, forget, and be able to sleep,
But I'm human, Lord!

I'm thankful for those who depend on me
who give me a reason to live and be.
I'm glad that You gave us feeling too,
To experience all of our lives through;
If only I could keep complete control
And not let the waves of emotion roll,
But I'm human, Lord!

So when the hurts and the failures come,
Regrets for things that never got done,
Self-pity, like a physical pain
Rears its head again and again.
Help me remember the happy times too,
And be thankful that all my life through
I am human, Lord!

By: Honoria (Nora) A. Groves