California's Mountains

Psalm 121

Majestic Mountains pierce the sky
Like hands in worship raised on high.
In each direction eye can see
These giants guarding silently.
Rolling ranges, row on row
One behind the other flow.

Sometimes obscured by mists they lie
Or capped by snowflakes from the sky.
But on the clear and sunny days
They bake in scorching sunshine rays.

They look like sand dunes from afar,
But immovable, solid rock they are.
Standing firm for years unending,
Sentinels, their watch attending.

Always hovering they stand,
Ringing the desert’s shifting sand
As though to show the great contrast
Between sands that blow and rocks that last.

To hearts they speak a message clear
About our Eternal God so near
Who’s always there and never changes
Just like those mighty mountain ranges.

While life around us often swirls
And sandstorms cause our head to whirl
We can raise our eyes to God on high,
Knowing His love is ever nigh,
And find the strength of His powerful Hand
Like the mountains in California’s land!

Honoria A. Groves

April 21, 2002