Calm Me, My God, And Keep Me Calm!

O God of Peace, I pray for Your peace and

Smooth out the wrinkle caused by tension.
Soften these tight muscles. Remove whatever
it is that keeps me from relaxing. Help me
look inside to see what causes this panic.

Of what I am afraid? Of failure? Of
people? Why do I always feel that others
are putting me down? Or laughing at me?
Why cannot I have confidence in myself as
others do? I want to be self-assured,
totally in control of myself, yet I shrink
from making decisions and my mind blanks out
at times in sheer terror of doing the wrong

Help me to remember that I am justified in
Your sight - I have no fear of You. Why
should I fears others? I am Your Child,
bought with the shed Blood of Your Own Dear
Son. Therefore, I am precious to You and
worthy of some pride in myself. Help me to
accept that.

Also, help me to remember that human errors
can be corrected and therefore they are not
worth the worry.

Make me care-free from anxiety, trusting
only in You. I know You have all the
answers. In You I have confidence - why not
in myself?

Fill me with Your Peace and calm assurance.
I am depending on You rather than on myself.
O Lord, I know that You will not let me down
and I WILL NOT fail You!

Make me calm and keep me calm, O God!

By: Honoria (Nora) A. Groves