Canadian Deep Freeze

Boots squeaking on frozen ground;
Wisps of breath on frigid air;
Showers of snowflakes blowing from roofs;
Sun-glistened frost on window panes;
Clouds of condensation streaming behind vehicles;
Birds gathering for warmth around chimneys.
People muffled to the eyes
With red noses, frozen ears and shaking limbs
Hurrying to get out of the numbing cold.
Traffic slipping and sliding on icy roads;
Raucous sounds of snow blowers;
Exhausted homeowners wielding shovels;
Motorized snow ploughs and sanders
Leaving huge snow banks at the curbs
Through which pedestrians have to navigate;
The almost impossible task of struggling
Through dense heaps of snow and ice
To access the step of a bus…

Roll on Spring!!

Honoria A. Groves

January 23, 2004