Changes of Life

One thing we all experience
As we journey through the years
Are the many changing cycles
We sometimes face with fears.

First from helpless infancy,
So rapidly we grow,
Learning how to talk and walk,
Falling often as we go.

Through childhood's busy schedules
In all life's varied schools,
Character developing
From parents loving rules.

In the troubled turbulence
Of frenetic teenage pace,
We struggle for independence
Demanding our own space.

But, suddenly, adulthood
Brings responsibilities,
Finding our own direction.
Starting families.

With the change of aging
Comes many an anxious frown;
As bodies tire and weaken
And everything slows down.

When our loved ones leave us,
Friends get sick and fall,
We face our own mortality
That we don't like at all.

Honoria A. Groves