Christian Home

Home can be a happy place when Jesus Christ is there
Instead of words of anger, there'd be praise and prayer.
Children will be disciplined, not with anger's rod,
But in love and gentleness and the fear of God.

Christ would have pre-eminence, putting first things first,
Seeing all that's beautiful, the best and not the worst.
Quiet peace and happiness, clean fun, abiding joys,
Two loving, trusting parents, contented girls and boys.

While things may not be perfect and troubles may arise,
We may know the peace of God and on Him keep our eyes.
With freedom that each problem together all can share,
Discussing with each other, and God's will seek in prayer.

Oh, what a blessed, happy place, is a truly Christian home!
Where people love each other, there's no desire to roam!
So praise God for His goodness, the families He has given!
And may He guide us all the way to our perfect Home in Heaven.

Honoria A. Groves