Christmas Message

Once more with joy we celebrate our Blessed Saviour's Birth
Remembering with gratitude for us He came to earth,
Forsaking His Celestial Throne and Heaven's Holiness,
The well beloved Son of God came down in humbleness
To take the garb of human flesh and as a child to lie
Within his gentle mother's arms as angels hovered nigh.

Among His worshippers there came shepherds from the field,
And wise men travelled from afar their precious gifts to yield;
For God Who sent the tidings forth does not discriminate
To be his followers He calls the lowly and the great.
And that is why Christ Jesus left His Father's Home on high
With sinful me on earth to live and for their sakes to die.

But there are many in the world who still have never heard
The gospel preached or read the truth written in God's Word.
And so His faithful followers who heart the Master's call
Go forth obeying His command to teach His Word to all.
They leave homes and loved ones, strengthened by His Might
To go to darkened, needy souls as bearers of the Light.

As so as we this Christmas time our gift so gladly give,
May we with equal joy and love resolve our lives to live
For Him who gave His all for us that we might be set free
To serve Him all our days on earth and through eternity.
Thus will our Christmas time be bright with joy and holy cheer
And we shall step with faith and hope into a glad New Year!

Honoria Groves