Christ's Everlasting Kingdom

LUKE 1: 33

"His Kingdom Will Never End"

Human leaders rise and fall;
Some govern by sheer power -
Many depend on popularity.
Some retire in victory;
While others fade in disgrace.

Jesus' Kingdom is not so;
He always did, still does,
And for ever He will reign.
Even as a helpless, human infant
He was Divinely powerful.

On earth He attracted followers
From many walks of life;
Encouraging them to walk
In His path of love.
And service to others.

Through suffering and death
He retained His dignity,
His magnetism.
And his tremendous power
Over life.

He does not conscript
But offers to all the choice
To live and reign with Him
In His Everlasting Kingdom
Of Love and Peace and Glory!

Honoria A. Groves

December 13, 1998