Christ's Touch

I came to Christ repenting,
With my heart full of sin,
I asked Him to redeem me,
To cleanse and dwell within,
In mercy He looked on me,
Loving me so much,
As He reached forth His nail-pierced Hand,
I knew His Saving Touch!

I came to Christ in weakness,
In failure and in loss,
Convinced there must be something more
To help me bear the Cross.
I sought the Holy Spirit
And His graciousness is such
That He poured His power upon me
By His Sanctifying Touch!

I came to Christ in suffering,
With a heavy load of pain,
Assured that He Who healed the sick
Could still do so again.
Praise God, He heard and answered,
As my faith to Him did clutch.
He wondrously relieved me
As I felt His Healing Touch!

Oh come to the Lord Jesus,
We all need Him so much!
He'll reach out in His Mercy
To save and cleanse and heal you,
And you'll know His Mighty Touch!

Honoria A. Groves