Colours of Christmas

Red for berries on the Holly,
And the suit of Santa jolly;
Red for the bows so gaily hung;
Children's cheeks as carols are sung
Out in the crisp and frosty air.
Red for Poinsettias everywhere.
So was Mary's child newborn
Who came to earth that Christmas Morn,
And red the blood He freely poured
Upon the Cross, our Suffering Lord!

Green for boughs of the Christmas Tree
Each year we decorate with glee.
Green for all lovely growing things
That make our thoughts and hopes take wings.

White for the newly fallen snow
That gently blankets earth below.
The glittering icicles so bright
All shine in sunny winter light,
Each speaks to us of purity
Of hearts from sin and sorrow free.
Warm glow of brilliant twinkling star
Beaming down from the realms afar
Tell of the Star of Bethlehem
Pointing travelers to Him.

Happy multi-coloured lights abound,
Windows and doorways to surround,
While brightly decorated trees
And homes' illuminated eaves
Remind us Jesus is The Light
Who came dispelling sin's dark night.

Thank God for Christmas Colours fair!
Lord, keep us mindful, is our prayer,
That the reason why we celebrate -
Is the Birth of Jesus Christ, so great.
In deep humility He came;
We honour now His gracious Name,
Because He brings such joy and light
Ever since His Birth that Holy Night!

December 3, 1997

Honoria A. Groves