Come Away To Pray

Come away to pray, leave the everyday,
Forget the daily grind, your worries leave behind
And come away to pray.

Worship and adore, praise Him more and more,
Raise your hands and voice; together let's rejoice
As we come away to pray

In fellowship so sweet we'll gather at His feet;
Each other's needs we'll share as we commune in prayer
When we come away to pray.

Tell Him all your need; Christ your soul will feed.
Confess and Hell forgive; His life through you will live
So come away to pray.

Lay your burdens down; let Him remove your frown;
Each trial He will bear as you submit in prayer
While you come away to pray.

In love we intercede for this world and its need;
For those who do not know we plead God's grace to show
While we come away to pray.

And when we separate with peace and joy so great,
With us He'll always stay through every future day
Because we came away to pray.

By: Nora (Honoria) Groves