From different directions
Two pilgrims wound their way
On life's rugged mountains,
Over rocks and stones that lay,
Up steep hills and dark valleys,
Climbing higher every day.

Then, these two lonely pilgrims
Struggled onward, feeling blue,
Until they met each other,
And said "May I walk with you?
It's hard to trudge this road alone,
It will be easier for two".

So now they'll help each other
If the hills are rough and steep,
And through the darkened valleys
Where shadows may be deep,
Holding hands and knowing
God their souls will safely keep.

Together they'll find sunshine
To make their spirits happy,
And Light instead of shadows
As they trust in God and pray.
Now love and sweet companionship
Will bless their future way
And Jesus will walk with them
To God's Eternal Day.

Honoria A. Groves