I'm reaching out to You, Lord,
With anxious hands and plea;
I need to feel Your presence,
O Jesus, come to me!
I seem to have lost contact,
But You would never leave -
Life's cares have come between us -
My humble prayer receive.

I ask for Your forgiveness;
Lord, touch me once again,
Restore my joy, dear Saviour,
Relieving all the pain.
Help me to love You only,
Forgetting self and pride.
Beyond outward appearance,
O Change my heart inside.

Lord, may Your Holy Spirit
Bring a refreshing shower
To cleanse and once more fill me
With Your peace and power.
Then help me to love others
With caring empathy,
So they may come to know You
As You flow out from me.

Honoria A. Groves

May 23, 1999