Dads, are you loving, or are you unkind?
What kind of memories will you bring to mind?
Do you encourage, or tend to put down?
Do you cause your children to smile or to frown?
Do you love to be with them, or do you ignore
Your eager children when you come in the door?
Of course you are busy with lives full of care,
But you have so much with your children to share.
And they are anxious to tell you their news
You can learn from each other if only you choose.
These days are precious while kids are still small
Make the most of each day and cherish them all.
Some day these young lives will be grown and gone
But memories made now in their hearts will live on.
Take time to tell them you love them so much,
And they will remember your kind, gentle touch.
Share with them what you know of God and His love
And help them to seek Him in Heaven above.
Remind them you need Christ and that they do too
Then live as you know He wants you to do
So, as they follow in your footsteps some day
You will know you were faithful in showing the way.
Our dear Heavenly Father, so loving is He,
Will help you to be the best Dad you can be.

Honoria A. Groves

June 15, 2003