Day by Day

Lord, day by day, and year by year
We praise You for Your Presence near.
We thank You that our lives Your spared
And You have shown how much Your cared.
You bore our burdens and our sin
And gave us peace and joy within.

To us the future's veiled from view
But every hour is known to You.
As another year is dawning,
We'd come to You each morning
And thank you, Lord, for one more day.
O may we live it in Your way!

As every single day goes past
We'd live as though it were the last.
Each day's a gift that we must choose
Just how each moment we shall use;
So when we look back tomorrow
It won't be with guilt and sorrow.

Shall we live only selfishly,
Treating others thoughtlessly?
Or shall we ever keep in mind
Jesus, who was always kind?

But it's far more than WHAT we do,
It is our attitude to You
That shapes our eternal destiny,
If from all guilt we would be free.
Aware of sin, confessing all,
On Your redeeming grace we'd call.

In Your presence continually,
Is how we want our lives to be,
To know Your blessing and Your smile
In times of happiness or trial.
Your name, Lord, we would glorify
Until we reach our Home on High
Where we shall see You Face to Face;
Worship You for Your Great Grace,
And in Your presence always stay
Because we followed all the way,
As You have guided, Day by Day.

Honoria A. Groves

December 31, 1991