Dear God

Dear God, it's me now,
Knocking at your door.
I know it's been a while
Since I was here before.
I've been so very busy,
Rushing to and fro –
But I don't need to tell you
‘Cos you already know!

I don't forget about you –
You're always on my mind,
But time to stop and pray
Seems just so hard to find.
I'm glad you're not too busy
To take the time to hear,
And not off gallivanting
When I need you near!

Forgive me, Heavenly Father,
For leaving you on the shelf,
And being far too occupied
With thinking of myself.
I really have been missing
The closeness that we knew,
So I have come to spend a while
Alone, dear Lord, with you.

Thank you, God, for being there
And waiting patiently,
For I know you understand
And you will help me.
I am glad that you forgive
And you really care.
Thanks so much for loving me
And listing to my prayer

By: Nora (Honoria) Groves