Defining Experiences Of Life

What things have contributed to making me the person I am?

First of all, a godly home where Christ was honoured and uplifted.
The teaching, example and challenge of churches and individuals
who inspired and mentored me;
The privilege of sharing my faith with others.

A Headmaster in Public School who instilled a love of reading;
Expounded and expanded my vocabulary,
And made words an exciting study.

Music in the home; singing and instruments,
Piano and organ available to express
A love for music in all its forms.

Participation for many years in church worship
On piano and organ
The privilege of providing music for weddings and funerals;
Involvement in Choirs and special events.

Owning my own organ at home where I can indulge my love of music;
The joy of creating lovely sounds that makes the heart rejoice.

Availability of paper and pencils with which to write my thoughts
In prose and poetry.
The acquisition of computers and printers
That makes the process so much easier and more rewarding
As well as a way to share those words with others.

Emigrating to this beautiful land of Canada
Where endless opportunities exist.
My husband and wonderful family
And friends who have made life meaningful.
The many types of learning experiences from life itself.

Above all, the presence of God
That brings blessing in everyday circumstances.
I am grateful for all these things that have enriched and motivated me,
And continue to do so throughout a long life.

Honoria A. Groves