Did Your Forget Someone?

Have you ever received a Christmas card,
Or perhaps a thoughtful gift,
That really perked your spirits up
And gave your heart a lift,
Until with horror you realized
That giver was not on YOUR list?

You hadn't meant to ignore them,
Did not intend to forget,
Because they had been good to you;
You cared about them and yet
In all the rush they were overlooked;
You remembered them, with regret.

So you made yourself a promise
It will not happen next year.
The first one on your list will be
That special friend so dear.
They will receive a gift from you
Whether they're far or near.

Did you forget Jesus, the Saviour,
The One we should celebrate?
On your list of priorities
What ranking does He rate?
Bring Him your love and life, dear friend,
It still is not too late.

Tell Him you're very sorry
That He has been ignored,
Accept Him as your Saviour
And make Him truly Lord.
Next year He'll not be forgotten
But worshipped and adored.

Honoria A. Groves