Dig a Well

When your soul is dry and thirsty,
And your water bottle empty,
Your resources all exhausted -
Dig a well!

For down there beneath the surface
Running cold and clear as crystal,
Always full and overflowing
Is God's Well.

There is life that's everlasting,
Joy that's full and never-ending,
Love that never ceases loving -
In God's Well.

If you have a need that's pressing,
Or a burden that is heavy,
Don't just stand around discouraged -
Dig that well!

Dig with prayer and faith believing,
Dig with praise and full assurance,
Christ brings strength and deep contentment -
Dig your well!

Tap His Power and His Fullness,
Let His blessed Holy Spirit
Fill your life and flow to others
From His Well!

Honoria A. Groves