Don't be Afraid of That Word!

Don't be afraid of that dreaded word - CANCER!

Sure, it strikes terror to everyone's heart
When it is first named, or even suspected!
But think of all the people you know or have heard of
Who can say, "Yes, I had cancer, but look at me now!"

Treatment, while not always pleasant at the time,
Is often amazingly effective, and usually helpful.
Faith in oneself, in one's medical helpers, and in God,
Are the tools which build an improved quality of life.

I know, because two and a half years ago
My dear husband was thought to be on his deathbed.
Now, although he is not cured, he is able to walk around,
Drive the car, and do many of the things he did before.
His pain is controlled with medication,
And we cherish every day we have together.

Don't be so afraid of that word that you avoid
A necessary checkup, or put off finding out
What that probably harmless lump might be.
Face the issue squarely, and put your mind at rest
One way or the other.

If you see kindly eyes look at you in compassion
As you hear the words, "I'm sorry, but it is malignant",
Don't give in to despair.
Be thankful for the medical facilities available,
And the support of friends and loved ones.
Then determine to fight with all your might
To regain your health and strength, God willing.

And when the time comes, as it will for all of us one day,
That someone says, "There is nothing more WE can do",
There is still a Greater Power and the resources of prayer;
God can do things no human can accomplish.

And when He says "It's time to come Home",
We need to make sure that our relationship with Him
Is such that we are able to look forward to our final
Complete Healing in our Resurrected Bodies in His Presence.

So, do not be afraid of that dreaded word - CANCER.
It is a fact of life, through which we learn
To appreciate the blessings we have,
To value our human relationships,
And it is also one of the pathways to Heaven!

Honoria A. Groves