Do We Care?

Do we care, Do we really care?
Do we another's burdens bear?
The Church, Christ's Body should be knit
With ties of love entwining it.
We gather faithfully week by week,
Blessing from the Lord to seek,
And one another warmly greet
As in the Sanctuary we meet.
We ask "And how are you today?"
Then in a hurry rush away.
Even if an answer we did get,
We very quickly all forget.
What happens to the heavy heart
Throughout the time we are apart?
Do we each other's burdens bear,
Do we care, do we really care?

Do we care, do we really care?
Do we the unsaved's burdens share?
How do we see the brother weak?
Can we be loving, kind and meek?
Do we try to look beyond the sin
To see the hurts and needs within?
Can we see them as Jesus sees?
And intercede upon our knees?
What about the lonely there,
The shut-in with his load to bear?
God knows how busy life can be,
Can He ask any more of me?
He speaks to every heart so clear,
"They are all My children dear,
I surely will their burdens bear,
But do YOU CARE, do you REALLY Care?"

Honoria A. Groves