The music of his life was vibrant,
Ringing with the joy of the Lord,
Spreading around him melody
And his theme was God's Holy Word.

The aim of his life was harmony,
Avoiding discord and strife,
Accenting in every way possible
The refrain of a sweet Christian life.

Some chords in his life were minor
But he stressed all the major keys;
Singing a song of rejoicing,
His loving Saviour to please.

His voice is now singing God's praises
In the Angel Choir above,
But we can still hear the Echoes
Of his beautiful Song of Love.

And some day, if only we follow
Pit Heavenly Choir Leader below,
We shall join him in that Massed Chorus
While Great Hallelujah's flow!

Honoria A. Groves

7 May, 2001