Even If No One Sees

The Beautiful flowers on my balcony
Bring me much joy and satisfaction
Even if no one else sees!

Sometimes I wonder why
I go to all the trouble
Of buying, planting, weeding,
Watering and dead-heading
Every single summer day.
It is because I enjoy
Those glorious blooms-
Even if no one sees!

Why perform acts of kindness
And thoughtfulness of others,
Or write cards and letters?
Because it brings satisfaction
To one's own heart-
Even if no one else sees!

Why live a life
That is honouring to God?
Why avoid certain lifestyles and habits,
Even though our humanity might crave them?
Because it brings peace of mind
That the world cannot give,
Even when no one else sees!

Time spent in prayer
And devotional reading
Bring rich blessing from God
To my spirit,
Even if no one else sees!

Honoria A. Groves

August 16, 2004