How does one deal with fantasies -
Those slimy creatures that slither unbidden
Through the crack under the door of one's mind;
Polluting pure and holy thoughts,
Affecting physical, mental, emotional, spiritual and social
Aspects of one's very being;
Leaving behind a foul odor and quivering shame and guilt?

Only a combination of desperate prayer for deliverance,
The flushing out of debris as the Holy Spirit pours in afresh;
The scrubbing of Holy Truths as Scripture is assimilated;
Polishing of God's cleansing grace, and the glow of knowing
His complete acceptance and understanding,
Plus the sweet aroma of renewed relationships
And awareness of Christ's presence.

The Light of Jesus chases away the shadows;
His pervasive perfume invades the personality,
Garnished with joy and peace!

? ? ?

Honoria A. Groves