Farewell to My Furry Friends

The time for down sizing has come
And I must say goodbye to some old friends.
There is my light brown Christmas Teddy,
Bought for me by my daughter many years ago.
She is dressed in a bright red knitted sweater,
Red socks and a green corduroy skirt.
(She even has underwear on!)
This cuddly friend sat on my bed for a long time.

Then there is the mophead doll made by my friend Janet.
She has string arms and skirt,
A very sweet face crowned by lacy hat with flowers,
And brown curly hair.
In her hands is a posy with pink ribbons.

The small grey Gund rabbit
Was bought for my husband during his illness.

My dark brown and beige Teddy is very soft and cuddly
And I am sure he has responded to my hugs!

The light grey teddy was made by my friend Maureen
And is very lovely,
With silvery satin paws and ears
And a blue satin ribbon around the neck.

My dearest one is a large pure white Gund cat
With the brightest eyes and such soft fur!
He has rested on my bed for a long time.
He came to me from my neighbour Anita
Who did not want him any more.

There have been others who are now gone,
Given away for children to hold.

I cherish the memories of all my cuddly friends
And hope they will bring love and comfort to others.

Farewell, my dear, faithful, furry friends!

Honoria A. Groves, May 11, 2004