When I was 15 my father died.
It was a shock - a loss too deep for words, or even tears.
My provider, my protector, my hero, my guide through life,
My instructor, my example, my gentle, loving
And wise Dad was there no longer.
Deep hurt and a large empty space occupied my heart and my life -
I was Fatherless!

A few months later I came to know Jesus Christ in a personal way.
His salvation brought forgiveness, peace and joy.
Christ's presence replaced the loneliness;
He became my Guide, My Teacher, My Friend,
As well as my Saviour and Lord.
He warmed my cold heart with His love,
The emptiness was filled by the comfort of knowing
I was now a Child of God and was no longer

How many orphaned souls are wandering this earth
Seeking some stability and someone to love them?
They are lonely, lost, not knowing if anyone cares.
They are unaware that there is Someone who loves them
So much that He gave His Own Dear Son
So that they need not be

Are you an orphan? Or perhaps you left a loving home
To seek for “something better”!
Turn around, dear one; a loving Father is running toward you
With outstretched arms to welcome you back
Into His Family!
Don't struggle on alone,
Take His Hand and know that you will never again
Be Fatherless!

Honoria A. Groves