Fear is an octopus which sometimes takes up
residence in my chest and whose tentacles
hold me in their vise-like grip, squeezing
the breath from my body.

But I am asking You, Lord, to help me fight
the monster of panic with the Sword of the
Spirit, hacking off those circling arms one
by one until I am completely free.

Lord, help me resist next time it threatens
me so that I may avoid being strangled. I
will take in deep breaths of holy oxygen
from Your Word and rest in You, depending on
Your Power to keep me calm.

Direct my thoughts in positive directions and
give me active tasks to perform so I will
not be immobilized.

Please don't allow me to be so overcome by
fear of what might happen, that I miss the
joys and opportunities of the now.

I want to learn to rest in You so completely
that I feel safe - eternally. I know my spirit
belongs to You, and I am not afraid to die -
so what am I afraid of?

Let me be conscious of Your loving arms
supporting me. For Your love is stronger
than fear.

By: Honoria (Nora) A. Groves