Feelings of Loneliness

Dear Lord, I'm feeling lonely,
I feel so alone and so unloved.
Sure, there are people I could talk to,
But they don't really understand me
And just now I feel they don't care.
How often I have tried to help others?
But who cares about me?
So I sit here and feel sad!

I know You told us not to fret,
But is this really fretting?
I can't stand those people
Who are so wrapped up in themselves
They can't see how I am hurting!
Why do they always have to act so cheerful?

On the other hand, In know there are others
who have much worse problems than I do.
What could I do to help them?
Is it possible I have become one of those
Self-centered people who are unaware
That others are hurting and feeling lonely?
Forgive me, Lord, and give me a gentle push
To get out of this rut of self-pity,
And reach out to others with deep needs.
As I try to help alleviate some of their pain
By showing that I really care,
I shall not feel sad and lonely.

By: Honoria (Nora) A. Groves