Finally Spring

The winter has been hard and long - we all have missed the robin's song.
There has been lots of ice and snow, and winds - how bitterly they blow!
Dark skies with heavy clouds o’ercast forewarned another icy blast.
May ice and snow soon disappear - we long for Spring this time of year!

But then there comes the fog and rain - we want to see the sun again!
And temperatures still fluctuate; this too affects our mental state.
We crave to rise from winter's pall to finally stand erect and tall,
Feeling the balmy breezes blow as crocuses bravely breech the snow.

So the disciples must have felt - their hearts such brutal blows were dealt
Throughout their Lord's deep suffering, such grief and guilt this all would bring!
Then finally He was crucified! And with that act their hopes too died.
Their spirits battered to the ground, as only darkness could be found.

Then, Easter morning, clouds dispersed, as the glorious Sunrise burst!
The Living Jesus reappeared, dispelling all that they had feared.
His Voice, His form, His loving heart bid their despair and guilt depart.
“Because I live, you too shall rise and dwell with Me beyond the skies!”

So, as His gracious voice they heard, new hope within their hearts was stirred.
If we accept His Gift so free, acknowledging “He died for me.”
We'll know the Light and Warmth He gives; rejoicing, for our Saviour Lives!
When we His praises gladly sing, we'll know that it is FINALLY SPRING!

Honoria A. Groves April 9, 2001