For You and Your New Baby

The waiting and the hoping,
The discomfort and the fear
Will soon be all forgotten
Now this precious child is here.

The worry and the wondering,
The extra weight you bore;
Endless medical appointments,
Will not matter any more.

The long wait is now over;
No more increasing size -
For now at last you see her
With your very own eyes.

Once more you'll have a waistline
And be able to touch your toes!
Now you'll watch how baby,
Instead of your figure, grows.

But say Good-bye to sleeping
Through a peaceful night,
And quiet, restful evenings
You've expected as your right.

Now ‘twill be baths and laundry,
Endless feedings, burnings too,
And frequent, countless changes
She will demand of you.

But what a thrill and blessing
This little one will bring,
To fill your heart with wonder
As lullabies you sing.

No joy that comes to mortals
Is so precious and profound
As when those tiny fingers
Around your heart are wound.

This is to say we love you,
And pray God's best for you,
For you and for your husband,
And dear sweet baby too!

Honoria A. Groves (Nora)