Dear Lord, I'm so discouraged,
Lift this heavy load of care.
I know that You have promised
Every burden you will bear
So take this weight within me,
Dissipate it with Your love,
And raise this burdened spirit
To the realms of joy above.

Give to me the freedom
To rejoice in time of need;
To have a thankful spirit,
Knowing You have blessed indeed.
Deliver me from anger,
And hurts that cause such pain,
Let love and deep compassion
Bring healing balm again.

Release the chains that bind me
To the problems of this life.
Set free this fettered spirit,
Till I soar above the strife,
To bask in brilliant sunlight
And the wonders of Your grace,
Leaving clouds and mists beneath me
As I gaze into Your face!

By: Honoria (Nora) A. Groves